Invisible Fence Batteries

Invisible fence batteries are truly needed to enable invisible fence to achieve better performance. These batteries are made using high quality materials and the latest technology. This is the reason why these batteries for Invisible fence are truly reliable and long lasting.

Invisible fence batteries have undergone several tests to see if they can perform well and if they will suit the needs and demands of pet owners who will use invisible fence to contain their pets and keep them safe against outside threats. They are made carefully to avoid having failures when they are already being used. These are just some of the things that make the batteries more popular to a lot of responsible pet owners.

Product Description

The invisible fence replacement batteries are the R51 and R21. They are not made with compatibility on collars that’s why it is only used for Invisible fence. The types of Invisible fence that is compatible to use these batteries are:

  • Invisible fence mink
  • Invisible fence platinum
  • Invisible fence graphite
  • Invisible fence titanium receiver collars


The invisible fence batteries are made with several features that will surely suit the needs of the pets and the pet owners.

  • It usually works R51 and R21 fence systems
  • It is officially made is United States of America
  • This made durable and long lasting.
  • Made of quality materials.

How to change battery on Invisible Fence

There are a lot of people who are searching for ways on how to install batteries on the Invisible fence. Due to the help of Invisible fence experts, their made steps on how to install Invisible batteries.

  1. The first thing that you must do is to guide your dog in a safe area. After that, you will now remove the transmitter from the collar. Without the presence and use of collar, Invisible fence will surely not keep your dogs run off the yard.
  2. Detach the pack from the collar transmitter. Install a coin in the power cap base and turn the coin counterclockwise to let lose the power cap from the collar transmitter.
  3. Gather the substitute power caps tabs with several notches within the power cap section. Place in the power cap and move it clockwise with the use of your hand. Place in the coin and move again the power cap until the marks are gathered together.
  4. Inspect and check the light indicator on the pack. If the color of light is green, then it shows that the battery is a good one. Reattach the pack in the collar transmitter and wear it back in the neck of your dog.

Invisible fence batteries are truly useful and reliable to use by a lot of people. With this information above, individuals will have efficient and comprehensive ideas about Invisible batteries. So, for individuals who are having problems on how to change their Invisible batteries, they must follow those steps above to have a perfect and safe installation of a new battery in their invisible fence.