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How to Prepare for a Natural Disaster

Getting ready for emergencies especially natural disasters should be an integral part of your future planning. Since natural disasters can strike anytime, survival becomes almost impossible if you do not have enough supplies and stock in your hut. Water is contaminated, food shortage, and shelter issues are common issues you may face in emergencies. Therefore, you must be ready for such unforeseen disasters to ensure your survival. It is imperative to save yourself from both physical and final losses. Here are guidelines on how to prepare for a natural disaster:

Two Disaster Supply Kits: One for Your Car and Other for Home

It is imperative to have two survival kits. One long-term survival kit for your home, while other short term kit having supplies for two to five days in your car is important. Just in case disaster arrives while you are away from home, you should have supplements in your carcase. Keep plenty of Freeze dried food or dehydrated food on the ready at least a 3 day supply is recommended by the FDA. Emergency essentials such as a flash light, food and water are critical.

Figure out the Type of Disasters You Could Come Across

To begin with, your preparation, you must first determine type of crisis you could face in future. Consider the natural disasters such as earthquake, hurricane, tornados, floods, etc. the best way to determine is to contact with local Red Cross agencies. They can best guide you about the risks in your area.

Write a Plan

Once you have determined the type of disasters that could strike your area, next step is to write a plan according to different scenarios. A number of ways can help you to write a plan with respect to different crisis. You can contact local agencies and websites such as to come up with a template of your write up plan. Be sure you plan is purely based on disasters.

Warnings on Alarming Situations

Keeping yourself informed about possible disasters is important. Since sirens are only out of door alarms, sometimes you do not get it. Therefore, you must arrange two or three ways to get warnings related to any overwhelming situation. Many government agencies nowadays offer alarming services you can receive directly in your cell phone.

Keep an Eye on News

Natural disasters such as earthquake, hurricane, tornado, winter storms, and floods can pose big issues to your life and assets. Therefore, you must keep an eye on the news channels regarding climate changes to make an escape if a disaster is predicted.

Buy Long Term Food Supplies

Food becomes expensive or short which is why you must stock several items to ensure you will have something to eat while going through tough times. For that, you must visit local grocery shops from where you can purchase long-term food items such as freeze-dried food, dried foods, and other meals. Such items can last even for 30 years if stocked properly. You must buy basic food meals to store for emergency preparedness.

Shelter and Clothing

Disasters often damage buildings and homes where living becomes dangerous. You should buy a shelter and clothing for your emergency preparedness.

Besides, these essentials, you must analyze the things you ought to keep with you at any cost to survive from any emergency.